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Drone and aerial photography: the essentials


Drone photography is becoming increasingly popular. Are you hesitating to try aerial photography? Discover some of the essentials for successful drone photography and get inspired by aerial photography experts.

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5 Tips for successful landscape photography


Do you want to capture the beauty of natural landscapes or cityscapes in photographs with an original composition? These tips will give you some inspiration to simply improve your landscape and nature photos.

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Succeeding with your wedding photos


A once-in-a-lifetime moment, a wedding is a precious opportunity to immortalise your love for eternity in an exceptional setting. Whether you entrust your wedding photos to a professional or to a friend or family member, discover our tips for successful wedding photos. 

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Discover astrophotography


Astrophotography is a fascinating discipline. With their heads in the stars but their feet firmly planted on the ground, astrophotographers invite us to look up into the infinite.

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Go on a late-night photographic walk


At night, cities and countryside are adorned with a wave of mystery. In times of confinement and curfews, night photography becomes a forbidden game. If the night photographic walks have been stopped for a while, it is still possible to dream in front of the superb images that these insomniac photographers offer us, or even to begin to learn this practice.

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Photographing wild animals


Many photographers share their nature and wildlife photographs. These pictures remind us of the beauty and fragility of our biodiversity and invite us to take the time to admire these rare or crossed creatures on a daily basis.

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Understanding photo editing


If purists prefer natural images, untouched by any retouching, others give free rein to their imagination to "improve" reality or even to totally push back the limits. Discover how to make your photo montages a success and be inspired by photographers who combine technical mastery and fantasy for original photos.

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Still life in Photography


A theme cherished by the fine arts, still life is not the prerogative of painting! Photographers have also tried their hand at this practice.

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mateur and professional photographers often put their cameras away when the sunny days go away. What a pity! If capricious weather remains a challenge, rain, thunderstorm or fog provide particularly powerful dramatic shots.

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The last few months have confirmed our desire for outdoor adventures and our need for space. While waiting for the opening of the ski areas, Zeinberg invites you to hurtle down the slopes in images through this selection of winter photographs.

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If the human gaze remains the essence of a photograph, the material is of paramount importance. Whether their preferences are based on technical criteria or a sentimental attachment, discover the favorite cameras of these 5 legendary photographers.

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From self-portrait to selfie


What is the difference between self-portraiture, a practice celebrated for centuries in both painting and photography, and the digital selfie often described as superficial?

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Chiaroscuro in photography


A staple of art, chiaroscuro was popularized by Renaissance painters such as Caravaggio. Also called low-key, this technique popular with photographers will give your images more intensity. 

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Discover Dreamlike Photography


Photography allows everyone to immortalize a fleeting moment to document the present, but  it is nonetheless a creative art in the service of the imagination. A photo, like a painting or a  story, can be abstract or futuristic.

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Getting Started in Macrophotography


Macrophotography is not reserved for professionals. Discover the advice of Zeinberg, the Yellow Korner galleries' photo laboratory, to take superb close-up shots. 

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What to do with your vacation photos?


Summer is slowly coming to an end and with it the long awaited summer vacation comes to an end. To avoid nostalgia and face the return to school with a smile, there are vacation photos.


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From the ice floes to the glaciers: the most beautiful photos


The calm and serenity that emerges from those huge white spaces is a real invitation to take a journey through those landscapes, but also to preserve these places frozen by snow or ice. Let’s have a look at the most beautiful photos from snow-covered peaks to the far reaches of the Arctic.

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Andhy Warhol, photographer


The master of pop art started photography at the age of 10. He was almost obsessed with this art, like his relationship with fame.

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Asia in 10 pictures


Asia conceals multiple secrets and mesmerizing landscapes. Discover Japan, India or China thanks to these exceptional photographers, partners of Yellow Korner.

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Daydreaming, the Goldstein collection: an exceptional sale


In April 2019 in New York, an exceptional sale gathering 69 photographies took place, sold for 1,6 million dollars in total. This collection was set up by the Goldstein couple, in love with art and masters of photography like Richard Avedon or Irving Penn. Throwback to this auction sale, retracing a century of photography. 

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How to shoot in black and white like Robert Doisneau


When we talk about black and white, it is impossible not to think about the mythic clichés of Robert Doisneau.  Here are some advice in order to master black and white photography and to obtain images worthy of The Hôtel de Ville Kiss.

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Karl Lagerfeld, photographer


Apart from being a visionary genius, Karl Lagerfeld was also an apprised photographer. He realized magnificent portraits of celebrities and models, but also captured poetic landscapes and numerous architectural compositions. 

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How to photograph animals like Laurent Baheux


Whether it is wild animals or domestic ones, animal photography can be fascinating and lead to exceptional shots. Majestic lions, touching polar bears or herds of zebras, Laurent Baheux’s lens shot the most nobles images of the wild world. Discover our advice to succeed in animal photography, like this talented photograph.

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