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These famous photographers' couples: June and Helmut Newton

De 18/03/2021 aan 11:58

The adage "behind every great man is a woman" is often true in photography. The shadow of the mythical fashion photographer Helmut Newton (1920-2004) was sometimes able to absorb the talent of his companion June Browne, better known as Alice Springs.


Self-portrait with wife and model © Helmut Newton


June, an actress at the time, and Helmut Newton, a Berlin Jew fleeing Nazi oppression, met in Melbourne in 1947. Creativity will be at the heart of their love. Together, they revealed their vision of the 60's to 90's through iconic photographs in total freedom. The couple will never stop questioning conventions and fighting against puritanism. Helmut Newton's photographs are aesthetic, but above all provocative, erotic and sensual. For Vogue or for their personal work, Helmut and June put in image a glamorous Hollywood world, opulent, sometimes flirting with bad taste.


The Tuxedo © Helmut Newton


The Tuxedo is one of Newton's most famous photographs. Through this image from 1975, a new, assertive femininity manifests itself, daring to borrow the codes of masculine allure to support its domination. In the background, June also takes her destiny into her own hands. 


Self-portrait © June Newton



In 1970 it is Helmut's convalescence that pushes her to seize the camera; from now on she will remain behind the lens. June adopted the pseudonym Alice Springs and found in photography what she had discovered through theater: a gallery of characters whose souls she tried to immortalize in a natural light, without intellectualizing the composition.


The two friends Susi and Lena, 1976 © Alice Springs 


Fashion photography, intimate portraits and images of the punk scene became her territory. Helmut said of June: "I see the truth and simplicity of Alice Springs' portraits. 


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