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How to draw from Lee Jeffries to shoot successful portraits?

De 23/04/2020 aan 17:35

Lee Jeffries’ portraits are committed to restore marginalized individuals their dignity. By drawing from his photographic practice, you will be able to shoot successful portraits by giving them a more dramatic tone.


Compassion and empathy as the golden rule. Whatever the subject of your portraits is: strangers, friends or members of your family, make sure to create connivance and complicity with him in order to bring his personality and own beauty out on the image. The portrait contains some intimacy, you need to forget yourself for the subject to play the leading role.


Lee Jeffries, Smoke Miami, ©Lee Jeffries



Someone’s gaze is unquestionably what gives the portrait photography all its power. Anger, sadness or joy, at the very first glance the history of your photography will spike the film with a high intensity. Whether you choose an angle that is narrow or wide, know how to capture the expressiveness of your model’s gaze.


Lee Jeffries, Untitled XX, 2016, ©Lee Jeffries


Like Lee Jeffries, focusing on not only photographing faces can lead to great results, as you can see with the hands photography shot by Mr. Jeffries. A close-up on your model’s hands, or a less classic pose will give your photographies more dynamism and novelty.


Lee Jeffries, Hands I, ©Lee Jeffries


Use shadow and light to add some intensity to your photos. The photograph uses strong contrasts which participate to the story of his photo essay by giving his portraits a deep and dramatic tone. Play with lights and shades and exacerbate the lighter and darker tones post-treatment, for a powerful and cinematographic finish. Of course, the choice of black and white will enhance the artistic spirit of your portraits.


Lee Jeffries, Skid Row Iv, ©Lee Jeffries


You too, print your portraits in black and white. Choose the Gallery Frame finish for a result worthy of a professional work or the laminated print of your personal photos, with the format of your choice. A framed print of one of your portraits can also be a great gift.