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Getting Started in Macrophotography

De 22/10/2020 aan 15:02

Macrophotography is not reserved for professionals. Discover the advice of Zeinberg, the Yellow Korner galleries' photo laboratory, to take superb close-up shots. 


What is macro photography? Initially scientific, macrophotography defines any photograph taken at full scale. This name has been extended to any detailed image of a subject in close-up. 


Macrophotography is not reserved for flowers or insects, although they lend themselves perfectly to it. Portraits, still lifes and culinary photographs are ideal themes. All the challenge lies in highlighting a texture or color.



The only recommended investment: a dedicated lens for life-size focusing at 1:1 scale. A 100 to 150mm lens will suit perfectly without being limited to macro photography. Remember that a long focal length (expressed in mm) accentuates the magnification and reduces the angle of view: the whole lens of the macro. There are also lenses (bonnettes) attached to the lens acting as a magnifying glass. 


Take your time to evaluate the right distance and test different focuses. To photograph a living being, patience is essential. Be careful not to cast your shadow or that of your camera on your subject.  


If close to a subject, light may be missing, take advantage of natural light as much as possible or use a flash and diffuser.

Forget the automatic mode of your camera. Ideally, a high speed and a small aperture while being very close to the subject is preferable. Compensate for low light with a large aperture or long exposure time armed with a tripod.

Pay attention to your background and the area of sharpness that may result in a bokeh. 



With these tips, you are sure to get great close-up shots. Let yourself be inspired by your surroundings and then select your best images for a large format photo print. The Zeinberg Photographic Laboratory will help you create a quality print that will enhance your images and bring out the details in your macro shots. Quick and easy, an online photo print will bring your most beautiful photographs to life. 

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