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Discover Dreamlike Photography

De 29/10/2020 aan 10:45

Photography allows everyone to immortalize a fleeting moment to document the present, but  it is nonetheless a creative art in the service of the imagination. A photo, like a painting or a  story, can be abstract or futuristic.  


An overview of the most surprising photographers who bring dream and creation to the  Yellow Korner galleries.  




©Maryna Khomenko, Embrace the endless ocean, Yellow Korner 



Inspired by fairy tales and fantasy cinema, Ukrainian artist Maryna Khomenko composes  poetic and mysterious photographs in which the woman becomes heroine, like her work  Embrace the Endless Ocean.   



©Miguel Vallinas, retrato 58, Yellow Korner  



The imaginary montages of the Spanish photographer Miguel Vallinas revisit the tradition of  the portrait with humor. His seemingly serious characters with the heads of a falcon, doe,  elephant or leopard seem to question us about our humanity as well as our animal instinct.  



© Denis Olivier, Girafe, Yellow Korner 



The Frenchman Denis Olivier uses the poetry of black and white to transcribe in images his  imaginary world populated by wild animals. With his head in the clouds, the formula perfectly  defines his soft and fascinating compositions, like his leopard surrounded by cuddly toys or  this dreamy giraffe, from Yellow Korner exclusives.  


© Alastair Magnaldo, La Voleuse, Yellow Korner 



The landscape is the starting point for the photos of Alastair Magnaldo. Thanks to his  retouched photographs, the photographer seeks to extend the vision offered by a scene, the  sight is always for the artist an invitation to reverie. The Thief Capturing a Sunset perfectly  embodies the poetry of her work with its striking play of light.  


Carefully reworked and retouched with the greatest attention, these photographs allow us to  go beyond the limits of creation while maintaining a subtle balance between realism and  reverie.  


Why not have fun in your turn composing dreamlike images by editing your favorite photos?  Original treatment of colors or assembly of photos, the possibilities are endless. Our  photographic laboratory supports you in the development of your fine art photos with an  online gallery-quality photo print. Zeinberg can print your personal photos in the format and  finish of your choice to enhance your fine art photos and make your interior unique.  



© 2020 Justine Grosset