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De 19/11/2020 aan 10:50

What do the crowded streets of Hong Kong, the facades of Parisian bistros and the paintings of Edward Hopper have in common? A most cinematic light thanks to neon lights and their retro charm. Much sought after by photographers, these increasingly rare urban lighting can create night scenes with a vintage or pop atmosphere.


Here is an overview of our tips for drawing inspiration from professionals and making neon the charm of your photos.


© Nicolas Jacquet, All Neon Like, Yellow Korner


Stunning, the photos of Nicolas Jacquet or Franck Bohbot, offered by the Yellow Korner galleries, take full advantage of the strength of neon lights and their hypnotic chroma. From New York to Hong Kong, these cityscapes bring to life nostalgic snapshots that color themes dear to Walker Evans and other famous documentary photographers.


©Franck Bohbot Studio, Gramercy Cafe NYC, Yellow Korner


Take your turn for dazzling night photos with neon light. Play with fluorescence to give your portraits a futuristic spirit worthy of the best sci-fi scenes or prefer a disused cityscape for a mysterious aura. Take advantage of rainy evenings to capture the reflections of the city on the asphalt - an ideal way to add character to your nighttime photos.


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When night falls, conquer the city. Indispensable for night photography, the tripod will allow you to opt for a long exposure while ensuring the sharpness of your image. Switch to speed priority mode; a long exposure time will help you capture the movements of pedestrians or cars for a hypnotic effect. Choose a wide angle and set the aperture to the minimum. If you have a remote control, you can use the dedicated Bulb mode for this purpose. Set the white balance avoiding automatic mode.


Photo libre de droits


Practice capturing the beauty of the city shrouded in neon light and enjoy your best night shots in broad daylight with our online prints. Entrust your images to the experts of our photo printing laboratory for a print on silver paper enhanced by the format and finish of your choice.



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