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These famous photographer couples: Man Ray and Lee Miller

De 26/11/2020 aan 12:56

Muse and model before becoming an alter ego, Lee Miller was able to seduce and equal Man Ray. Discover the Art and Love story of these two passionate and provocative artists.

Painter, filmmaker, but above all a photographer, Man Ray (Emmanuel Radnitzky, 1890-1976) was the precursor of surrealism. Leaving the United States for France, he found inspiration there alongside Marcel Duchamp or Salvador Dali.


Man Ray, Self-Portrait with Camera, 1931, © 2020 Man Ray Trust


Lee Miller is an art-hungry young New Yorker. The director of Vogue, captivated by her grace, will make her his star model. But Lee Miller aspires to more than being a glossy beauty, she decides to move to Paris to meet the much admired artist: Man Ray.


Man Ray, Solarized Portrait of Lee Miller, 1929, Man Ray trust

By dint of daring, Lee Miller meets and seduces the artist, recently separated from his muse Kiki de Montparnasse. Lee settles into her studio where she learns about photography.

Their works are carried by the same freedom. In 1929, Lee accidentally turned on the light during the development session; the overexposed film is immersed in the fixing bath by Man Ray which creates its first solarization. The images seem like sketches, the bodies are highlighted by the light. The process will become legendary. Soon, Lee Miller asserts himself, embraces the surrealist codes and takes the stage; it emancipates itself until it breaks. He will remain obsessed with his image.


Lee Miller, auto-portrait, ©Lee Miller Archives


In 1939 Lee became war correspondent for Vogue USA. She will be among the first to photograph the horror of the camps and will go as far as settling in Hitler's deserted apartment for an unprecedented photo essay. Back in the United States, she will gradually give up photography.


David E. Scherman, Lee Miller dans la baignoire d’Hitler, 1945, © Lee Miller Archives


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